How Do We Serve?

It is now that we must UNITE as One people. WE come together to share OUR gifts, passions and visions highlighting a NEW, magical way to BE. Holding hands in solidarity. The New Earth Harmony Project is here to harmonize, uplift and illuminate a way HOME. Home within yOURself, home on this planet and home amongst ALL BEings.  A reality that will heighten yOUR awareness, tickle yOUR soul and pull on yOUR heART strings.

When each ONE of US creates our best self, we actively create a world of harmony.

We understand that we are all one. ONE cohesive unit intricately weaved through space and time. 

The heART of the DIVINE.  ​ Each affecting the whole. 

WE build solutions through conscious/ sustainable communities, harmonizing frequencies, light transmissions, sacred gatherings, and an absolutely Divine online platform that connects us and our talents, worldwide.

INner Bliss Sanctuary is one of New Earth Harmony Projects first founding sponsors in Activating Awareness and creating a sustainable reality for all.

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