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About Playful Roots:

Since 2006, Playful Roots Wellness Ministry, a  501 c3 nonprofit organization has been dedicated to our mission of engaging families, kids, and young adults in healthy living, moving, and relating meaningfully to others. Over the years, we have held space in Orlando, Florida; Crestone, CO; and Jacksonville, FL, where we hosted daily yoga, meditation, sound healing, and community gatherings. Our main message is… breathe, love, give, connect.  By embracing this, you will learn to Be, Thrive in everything you do and Optimize your personal resources. 


One of our passions is hosting fun, family-friendly festivals. All of our festivals are infused with yoga, whole body wellness, breath meditations, enriching music, community art projects, meditation, healthy food as well as sound healing experiences with crystal bowls and other sound healing instruments.  We support all types of wellness awareness programs to  promote an appreciation of healthy food, deep connection,  body awareness/image, and healthy living.  Now in 2020, we are launching INner Bliss Sanctuary with dedicated, specialized instructors!  Where do we go from here?  The possibilities are endless.  Join us.  


The Alliance of Divine Love is a federally recognized all-inclusive ministry with a 40+ year history of service.  Playful Root Wellness is affiliated with the Alliance of Divine Love. This allows us to have 501c3 non-profit status and legal protection for spiritual healing, counseling, and the intuitive arts.

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